Rhumb Line Vineyard

Owl looking at camera while sitting on fence post.

Vineyard Barn Owls on the Prowl

Rhumb Line Vineyard has built a collection of houses in order to attract local barn owls.  These owls help control the pest and rodent population on the property in an environmentally responsible way.  View the live webcams below to see the vineyard owls.

Owl House 2.0

The first house, Owl House 1.0, was installed on the property in 2017.  It only took the male barn owl, named "Barnie", four days to find the house.  He spent that night and the next night making calls to attract a female.  On the second night, a female, named "Owlivia", entered the house.

The female barn owl determines if the location selected by the male is suitable.  Also, the male must show his worth by providing meals for the female.  Over the next several nights, Barnie brought Owlivia several mice and moles.

During their courtship, Owlivia has laid five eggs with each egg being laid about 2-3 days apart.  The first egg is expected to hatch on the week of April 24th.

Owl House 2.0 was installed on Sunday, July 16, 2018.  We are stilling waiting for our first owl to examine the box as a potential new home.  We hope you enjoy the live feed.

  • They can eat up to 1,000 rodents in one year.
  • Barn owls mate for life
  • They make a screeching noise and do not "hoot"
  • Owls hunt at night
  • They are very cute

Barn owl facts.  They are not "hoot" you think they are.

which can be up to

850 acres in size

Barn owls live in an area

called their "home range"

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