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Quality grower of wine grapes.  Experience the difference.

Rhumb Line Vineyard is a supplier of high quality grapes to the Arizona wine industry.  The vineyard, first planted in 2012, is located at an elevation of 4,300 feet, 15 miles south of Willcox, AZ and is situated on 40 acres at the base of the Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness.

The vineyard soils, McAllister Loam and Sonoita Loam, are ideal for growing wine grapes.  Both are very deep, well drained soils that formed in fan alluvium. The vineyard climate has an average yearly temperature of 62°F with very few days above 100°F.  During the warm season, temperatures can swing 35°F from the daytime highs to the nighttime lows.  These environmental conditions make the location of Rhumb Line Vineyard ideal for growing premium wine grapes.

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What We Grow.  

Spanish and Rhone varietals grown in the Willcox AVA.